Coffee Shop Franchise Tamil Nadu

An affordable  coffee shop franchise Tamil Nadu with Kumbakonam Degree Coffee gives growth opportunities. Gain profits and develop well with this coffee shop franchise in Tamil Nadu.


“A good cup of coffee makes life seem better.” – Sahara Sanders

To help you in pursuit of making your life better, we, at Kumbakonam Degree Coffee pour you a full of life cup. But where else would you find such an experience. That is why we are extending our coffee franchise Tamil Nadu. It expands our reach to wider consumers and help aspiring coffee businessmen flourish.

Since establishing a coffee business is not a piece of cake, coffee franchise makes it easy and lucrative. According to a recent study, the coffee sector will grow globally at a CAGR of around 13.62% during 2020-2025. As India is a mega-market for the most profitable franchise businesses, it is going through a rapid franchise setup expansion.

With Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise, you can give wings to your coffee business.

 Coffee Shop Franchise Tamil Nadu

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee has its headquarter in Chennai and is undoubtedly the best coffee franchise in Tamil Nadu . The brand name implies a high-quality coffee, which is made of pure milk. Having made its mark in the South Indian coffee industry, it demands its franchisees to follow its parameters devotedly –

  • Check the milk quality with lactometer
  • Using coffee from local sources
  • Serving in traditional brass debarah set for an authentic coffee drinking experience
  • Facilitating customers to buy products from the shelf
  • Teas packed with health benefits, flavor, and aroma

No wonder, Kumbakonam Degree Coffee is looked upon as the top tea & coffee franchise in Tamil Nadu.

Advantages of a Coffee Franchise 

With a franchise, you have the possibility to succeed. This is a smart way to be your own boss and use a proven business model to run your own business. Here are some advantages of taking a coffee franchise:

  • You can always grow

As you start and run a coffee franchise, there will be myriad opportunities for you to develop your business.  Learn as you go. Start small. Grow naturally while growing the product range of your business. Gain customer base and their confidence.

  • Get Benefit of a Brand Name

With a coffee shop franchise in Tamil Nadu, you will have the benefit of a recognized brand name. It comes to you with an already-built customer trust and loyalty. Gaining these will be challenging if you start your business from the scratch.

▪          Fewer Risks

In the last few years, 93% of franchisees got profitable results and nearly 60% of franchised units gained over INR 2, 47, 64,592.50! Only less than 1% franchises closed, owing to loss. These statistics prove the profitability of franchise and the minimal risks involved. So, with tea and coffee chain business opportunities in Tamil Nadu, you can be confident of a rewarding experience. New business owners can enjoy a promising growth.


What is the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise module?

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise module:

  • Premium outlet – Premium Kumbakonam Degree Coffee outlet
  • Café outlet – Exclusive Kumbakonam Degree Coffee outlet
  • Super stockiest – Stocking essential raw material
  • Conjoin – Add on a unit for the existing food industry

Why should one go for the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise in Tamil Nadu?

Kumbakonam coffee franchise in Tamil Nadu provides huge growth opportunities for aspiring franchisees who are interested to make it big in the coffee business.

Which are some important things to know while taking the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise?

While taking the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise, you should know that:

  • A franchise can be either in an open area or a shop
  • The company’s establishment team does the kiosk fabrication and the interiors of the shop. These things cost separately.
  • A trustworthy person who is completely interested can be hired, even if he/she has no prior experience
  • Minimum manpower of three is required to operate the store

What is the scope of the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise?

The franchise scope of Kumbakonam Degree Coffee:

  • Assured over 5000 footfalls
  • Ensured store visibility
  • 3 Phase electricity and water facility

What does the fee comprise in the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise?

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise fee comprises:

  • Brand fee
  • First-time stocks
  • On-site training
  • Equipment and utensils