About Kumbakonam Coffee

  • Why it is so?
  • Why Kumbakonam?
  • Why coffee?
  • Why on highway primarily?

And now our mind starts to think who is original?

  • The only way to identify is its quality.

So again, how to identify the original quality?

  • Our Kumbakonam coffee has its unique taste which has, first the “aroma” the smell.

So you mean to say other coffee’s doesn’t smell?

  • No, all coffee’s smell good.
  • Our Kumbakonam coffee has a smell or fragrance which creates a mood to consume it immediately.
  • Secondly the touch and feel!!!
  • We serve in brass “dabara set”, the golden color cup and a tumblr and again the uniqueness comes.

What’s the speciality of this type of serving method?

  • It is a traditional method of serving a filter coffee and it is a custom of treating guest with warmth and this brass attracts heat and keeps the coffee “HOT”
  • And here come the “Body”, in coffee it refers to the feel or “weight” of the coffee in the mouth, how it rolls around the tongue and fills the throat on the down. So a good filter coffee should have all above qualities to treat your taste buds a bitter taste which should long last an hour.

Is that all, And now why Kumbakonam?

  • Coffee is a drink which is been in practice from ages all over the globe but in Kumbakonam Early few decades ago people use to roast the coffee beans in their house using a fry pan, grind them and drip decoction using Indian filter. And use milk from the cow they grow or from the neighbour cattle. And they only use the 1’st decoction extract they won’t use the same powder for the second extract. And consume it using the dabarah set. They won’t compromise any of these steps nor practice any adulteration. This is the reason behind But people think that they use to grow coffee beans etc.

Why here in highways?

  • Coffee is caffeine which creates alertness so while on a travel ,people gets to bore and lack energy so to break that, coffee is consumed. It immediately refreshes our body and mind and also creates alertness.