Coffee Shop Franchise Bellary

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee is the best coffee Franchise in Bellary. It brings lucrative opportunities with a reputed brand & helps you grow your coffee business. 

 “To make me happy: Make me coffee, bring me coffee, be coffee …coffee.” – Unknown 

Your wish is granted at Kumbakonam Degree Coffee, Chennai. Its franchises all over South India, Bellary (in Karnataka) being one of these also fulfill your coffee desire. If starting a coffee shop franchise Bellary is on your cards, Kumbakonam Degree Coffee is the best franchisor you can get. 

The coffee market in India is all set to grow at a CAGR of 12%+ between 2019-2024. Doesn’t it indicate how promising the future of coffee shop is! So, ditch the risk factors of a new café business and join a famous coffee brand for its franchise venture.


Get ready to take the plunge safely with this famous coffee brand and make it big in the coffee industry. Let’s gain more information about it.

Coffee franchise in Bellary

Being an esteemed coffee brand, we are widening our horizons with franchises, one of which is coffee franchise in Bellary. Our irresistible beverages make your coffee venture fruitful with us. Make sure to maintain our standards such as:

  • Locally sourced and hand brewed coffee
  • Milk purity checked with lactometer
  • Milk steamed individually per order 
  • Teas sourced from the Nilgiri Hills 
  • Coffee served in the traditional dabara set 

So, kick start your business with the brand value of Kumbakonam Degree Coffee and be prepared to emerge as the top tea & coffee franchise in Bellary.

Advantages of a Coffee Franchise 

As the coffee industry is fast evolving, café business is growing well. It has emerged as one of the most rewarding sectors in India. But setting up a new coffee shop has its own risks and challenges. So, franchise comes up as saviors for budding coffee shop owners. How? Take a glance at some of the advantages of a coffee franchise below:

  1. Recognized Brand Name

A well-known brand name is associated with a coffee franchise. As it is already famous in the market, the franchise associated to it has all the advantages. With Kumbakonam Degree Coffee as franchisor, a franchise can become the best coffee franchise in Bellary. This is because of its brand visibility, advertising, and promotions.

  1. Established Business Model 

Being a franchise to a reputed brand, you reap benefits of its established business model. Good connections with suppliers put franchisors in a profitable situation. It eases procurement of raw materials. So, your franchise need not make humungous efforts to grow. It is beneficiated by the franchisor’s business model.

  1. Built-in Customer Base 

Another advantage that your franchise has is the lot of customers who trust the brand. As they are familiar with the coffee brand and trust it for its quality and variety, you have more chances to be known as the top coffee franchise. Since the customers like the beverages poured and snacks served, you will receive frequent footfalls.  


Why should I go for the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise in Bellary?

Being a reputed brand in the coffee industry, Kumbakonam Degree Coffee provides complete franchise support to its franchisees. It furnishes the top-quality beverages, food, and ambiance. 

How much does it cost to open a coffee franchise in Bellary?

The cost to open a coffee franchise includes licenses, cost of space, and equipment. Many other aspects determine revenue and income of the franchise. Here are some of the factors that determine the cost of a coffee franchise:

  • Physical location
  • Initial startup costs
  • Operational costs (variable and fixed cost) 
  • Menu price points
  • The volume of customers’ sale and gross receipts

What does the franchise fee comprise?

The franchise fee comprises:

  • Brand fee
  • On-site training
  • First-time stocks
  • Equipment and utensils

Mention some significant aspects that a franchisee should know while taking Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise?

While taking Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise, a franchisee should know the following: 

  • A franchise can be in a shop or an open area. 
  • Only the company’s establishment team will do the interiors of the shop and fabricate the kiosk. There will be separate charges for these services. 
  • The store has to be operated with the manpower of at least three. 
  • Those who are 100% interest can be hired even if they don’t have any experience. 

What is the scope of a coffee franchise?

The franchise scope:

  • Required area of 70-100 sq. feet in a prime location 
  • Guaranteed 5000+ footfalls 
  • Ensured store visibility
  • 3 phase electricity and water facility