Coffee Shop Franchise in Thanjavur 

Kumbakonam coffee franchise opportunities in Thanjavur accelerate your business growth.  Buy a coffee franchise in Thanjavur for a lucrative experience. 

“To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.” – Hugh Jackman

At Kumbakonam Degree Coffee we bring you such superb inventions as fresh-made coffee. The esteemed coffee venture is now expanding its horizons with a coffee shop franchise in Thanjavur. 

Coffee is among the most loved drinks in India. In fact, every year, coffee consumption is increasing by 5-6%. So if you are thinking to start this business, good. And if taking a coffee franchise is on your mind, great! You are moving as a smart business person if you prefer a coffee franchise over starting a coffee business from the scratch. Because of low stock and high revenue generation, the coffee business is lucrative. 

A coffee franchise helps skip the initial struggle of establishing a business and gaining customer reach. With Kumbakonam Filter Coffee Franchise in Thanjavur, the newbies heading to the coffee business can up their game. 

Let us know more about it.

Coffee Shop Franchise in Thanjavur

The essence of traditional South Indian coffee is well maintained at Kumbakonam Degree Coffee, thanks to its tireless efforts to upkeep with the set quality parameters. Served in dabarah sets to bring you the traditional experience of drinking coffee, the reputed brand serves you pure flavors of freshness. 

So, to take up our coffee franchise in Thanjavur, ensure to meet the set standards by our brand – 

  • Milk purity is checked with a lactometer 
  • Locally sourced coffee is used
  • Filter coffee like preparation but with a twist for that unique coffee flavor
  • Variety of traditional snacks that treat your taste buds
  • Hand-picked tea leaves from the Nilgiris used for tea
  • Best quality products for optimum standards and for customers to grab

Once you make sure that these parameters will be met and the quality standards are maintained, you are in for some swift growth. And you will be unstoppable to be the top tea & coffee franchise in Thanjavur. 

Advantages of a Coffee Franchise

The coffee franchise business is not called profitable just for the sake of it or only for the love of coffee in the country. There are other reasons as well that justify this fact. With an esteemed brand like Kumbakonam Degree Coffee, you can reap the results of a profitable niche with advantages that include: 

  • Loyal Customers 

By taking a coffee franchise, you gain not only its established reputation but also its loyal customers as a bonus. This saves you from having to be a spendthrift on marketing and campaigns to reach out to people. Since people already like the brand, they will visit your shop. 

  • Lower Risk of Failure                                      

With coffee franchise opportunities in Thanjavur, you are at the benefit of business concepts that have been proven successful.  So, the risk of business failure is much low. Franchises are usually at an 80% higher chance to thrive. On the other hand, starting up a coffee business has a survival chance of only 20%-30%.

  • Training & Support

By taking up a coffee franchise, the new entrepreneurs get guidance, support, and training as a bonus. Since franchisors are into broadening their brand, franchisees are provided with this help for business growth and smooth operation. 

In the light of the above account, it is evident how rewarding a coffee shop franchise in Thanjavur is. It’s time to build your dream café. Start today with Kumbakonam Degree Coffee. 


Why Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise in Thanjavur? 

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise in Thanjavur paves the path of lucrative opportunities and business growth for aspiring coffee businesses in South India. 

What is the scope of the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise?

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise scope is mentioned below:

  • Visibility of the store must be ensured
  • 5000+ footfalls should be guaranteed
  • 3 Phase electricity and water facility  

What does the fee comprise in the coffee franchise?

The franchise fee comprises:

  • Brand fee
  • Equipment and utensils
  • First-time stocks
  • On-site training

What is the module of the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise? 

Kumbakonam degree coffee franchise module:

  • Premium outlet – Premium Kumbakonam degree coffee outlet 
  • Café outlet – Exclusive Kumbakonam degree coffee outlet  
  • Super stockiest – Stocking essential raw material  
  • Conjoin – Add on a unit for the existing food industry

What are the requisites for the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise in the Thanjavur site visit?

Some of the requisites for the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchise in Thanjavur site visit are:

  • The potential franchisee should hold the location by paying 20%from the actual franchise fee. 
  • After the payment of the initial amount, the company proceeds only for him/her. No one else will be encouraged in the same location. 
  • During the company site visit, the customer has to show at least 3 locations. Our staff will render advice about a suitable location to proceed.
  • We do not encourage multiple site visits