Kumbakonam Filter Coffee

Kumbakonam Filter Coffee- Strong And Milky Drink For All Coffee Enthusiasts

Almost all the South Indians know the secrets of Kumbakonam Filter Coffee, and now, it is your turn to have the taste of this sweet and strong beverage. Just one sip will let you realize the difference of filter coffee from other coffee beans. You can find a note of mellow caramel with the dominant bitterness of standard coffee. The freshly prepared, authentic and pure filter coffee products have the best flavor and aroma. You can have an access to the dream world of coffee.

Prepared with boiled milk and frothed milk, the filter coffee will make you obsessed to the drink. We also call it as the Madras filter coffee or drip brewed coffee.

Kumbakonam Filter Coffee- Know The Preparation Style

Take two cylindrical shaped metal cups, and ensure that one of them has a pierced base. The upper cup includes a covering lid and a pierced disc. Load this cup with your ground coffee and then compress these grounds with your disc. The special device helps in dripping the brewed beverage into the lower part. The brew, obtained from it is stronger than espresso. You may also add a roasted chicory, and enjoy an amazing taste from your coffee.