Pure Brass Coffee Dabara Set – Kumbakonam Degree Coffee



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Brass Dabara Set – A South Indian Souvenir 

Experience the century-old style of drinking coffee with this brass dabara set. It is made of food-grade and heavy-duty sterling brass, which is lead-free and corrosion-resistant. So, you can enjoy your coffee the healthy way. 

And what is filter coffee without its original set of servings? 

This dabara set manifolds the flavor of the much-famous filter coffee.  We present you this one-piece brass dabara set with a perfect finish. In this set, you will not only serve filter coffee to your guest but also impart an age-old coffee drinking experience. 

Enjoy your South Indian filter coffee in this classic and sophisticated set. This dabara set helps you establish a long-lasting relationship with filter coffee. Being a unique symbol of enjoying traditional filter coffee, this dabara set reconnects you with Indian traditional roots and cultural charm. 

So, indulge in an authentic experience of sipping on refreshing coffee in this dabara set. 

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