Stainless Steel Coffee Filter




Stainless Steel Coffee Filter – Brew Your Own Filter Coffee 

With our handy stainless steel coffee filter, you can brew your own cuppa every time you want a shot of energy. Adjust the flavor, milk, strength, sweetness, and creaminess just as you want in your coffee. Available with an upper and a lower vessel for the coffee, plunger, and lid; it is made of high-quality stainless steel, which:  

  • Is durable
  • Is rust resistant
  • Is easy to clean and maintain 
  • Makes about 350 ml of thick coffee decoction
  • Has polished and smooth edges 

Enjoy great-tasting, fine, authentic, and aromatic South Indian coffee at home with this easy to use filter. It is a great kitchen item, featuring a fine mesh that filters out the decoction for delectable coffee. 

 So, sip on your self-brewed filter coffee every day at the comfort of your home. Boost your mood and focus on your daily tasks better. 


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